SiteShoter v1.15

SiteShoter is a small utility that allows you to save a screenshot of any Web page into a file. It automatically creates hidden window of Internet Explorer, loads the desired Web page, and than save the entire content of the Web page into an image file (.png, .jpg, .tiff, .bmp or .gif). You can use SiteShoter in user interface mode, or alternatively, you can run SiteShoter in command-line mode without displaying any user interface.
System RequirementsThis utility works on Windows XP, Window 2003 Server, and Windows Vista. You can also use this utility in Windows 2000, if GDI+ is installed.
Versions History
Version 1.15
Added support for handling a sequence of URLs, saved in a text file. (The URLs should be delimited by CRLF)
Version 1.10
Added support for automatically saving the URL in filename (%url%)
Added AutoComplete for filename field.
Version 1.09
Added support for current date/time Formatting in the save filename.
Version 1.08
Added new option: Cut Web page in the specified location.
Version 1.07
Added AutoComplete support for the URL text-box.
Fixed bug: Accelerator keys didn't work...
Version 1.06
Fixed a GDI resources leak.
Version 1.05
New option: Automatically extend browser size according to Web page
Version 1.00 - First release.
Known Problems
Currently, SiteShoter cannot capture the content of Java applets, and possibly some other 3-party components
Using SiteShoter
SiteShoter doesn't require any installation process or additional DLL files. In order to start using it, simply run the executable file (SiteShoter.exe) After you run it, type the URL of the Web page that you want to capture, and select the image filename that you want to save. You can also modify the other options, like browser width/height, disable Flash, and so on. Click the 'Start' button and wait a few seconds until the Web site is loaded and saved into a file. (The default timeout value is 10 seconds, you may change it according to your needs).

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