XP Repair Pro 2007 Portable

XP Repair Pro 2007 is designed to specifically target eight areas of Windows that cause most software related system problems, as well as problems that cause your PC to act sluggish. This makes XP Repair Pro a one of a kind system utility, and no other repair tool operates as efficiently, and thoroughly.

Other Features:

Startup Program Manager:
Registered users receive a free copy of Stop Starting, our brand new startup program manager. You can read more about Stop Starting here. You must download Stop Starting separately. All registered users of XP Repair Pro can login to the member’s area to get their free license key to activate. Future releases of XP Repair Pro will bundle Stop Starting with it.

Results Breakdown:
After the scan has completed, you can view all of the errors that are discovered, prior to repairing them. You can easily choose to ignore certain items if you prefer some items to remain, and not to be removed during the repair operation.

Advanced Registry Editor:
The registry contains a lot of data. Our easy to use registry editor has many advanced features that are not included in the standard registry editor in Windows. An advanced search capability is just one of the many features included.

Software Crash Monitor:
There is not much that is more frustrating than a computer that keeps locking up, or shutting down entirely, right in the middle of something you are trying to do. Most software based crashes are caused by one program asking the computer to do something it isn’t capable of doing. Our crash monitoring service can typically prevent these commands from being run, preventing the illegal process to be run, and keeping the system stable.

Advanced Technologies:
XP Repair Pro 2007 is constantly evolving. New errors and scan capabilities are added to the database every day, and program updates are typically released every other week. Built and developed by top developers who have worked for years to bring this technology to consumers. Our upcoming 2008 release has eight new features including more privacy cleaning tools, a file shredder and more. More information is soon to be released.

Live Technology:
Automatic Updates ensures that you have the most recent updates to both software, and an up to date error database.

User Friendly Interface:
Whether you are new to computers, or a veteran, XP Repair Pro is designed to allow all types of users to interact, diagnose and repair their own system problems, and increase system performance with no hardware upgrades needed.

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