CBT - Windows Vista First Look

CBT - Windows Vista First Look Trainer: James I. Conrad (Trainer Comments) Running Time: 5 Hours Format: iso Details: Want to cut hours off your Windows Vista learning curve? How would you like to learn all of Vista's new features, before you even take the time to install it? That's what you get with the Windows Vista First Look series. It's like instructor James Conrad is sitting beside you, showing you what Vista does, what you'll like about it, and what you might miss from older versions of Windows. This training will help you: Decide which version of Vista is right for you. Navigate Vista using the new explorer interface and improved search functionality - learn it well enough you could take helpdesk calls. Understand and use Vista's new communication tools, including Windows Mail, Windows Meeting Space, and more. Learn how Vista handles applications differently than previous versions of Windows. This includes new tools for figuring out which programs are currently running, new ways to set highly-specific program preferences, and how to use compatibility tools to make Vista backwards-compatible with all your favorite programs. Discover the new features in Vista's built-in media applications. Use Vista for portable computing, including laptops and tablet PCs - plus learn about customizable features you can use to make your portable computer run better. Understand how user account and parental controls have been changed in Vista - giving you better control over what your children or office end-users are doing with their computers. Learn about Vista's other security improvements, including how to limit how services function, encrypt data with Bitlocker hardware-based encryption, and protect network access with Vista's included tools. Set up both wired and wireless networking on your Vista PC, plus share resources, diagnose connections, automatically create network diagrams, and more. Set and manage group policy using the upgraded Group Policy Management console. Manage and improve Vista performance using SuperFetch, ReadyBoost, auto-tuning, and more. Diagnose Vista problems using SMART, mdsched.exe, RADAR, the Diagnostic Console, and the Startup Repair Tool (SRT). This series is a complete introduction to Windows Vista. The videos were recorded in Vista Beta 2 and Release Candidate 1 (RC1) - most of them in RC1. This means the features you see in the videos are the same ones you'll be using in the retail versions of Vista. This gives you a "first look" into the updated functionality of this new Microsoft Windows Operating System. Instead of waiting for certification requirements to come out for Vista, we wanted to give you as much information about it as we could, as soon as possible. Using this information, you can make your own decision about installing Vista on your home and office computers. The Windows Vista First Look Series contains these videos: - Series Intro - Vista Editions - Navigating Vista - Communication - Managing Programs (free video!) - Multimedia - Portable Computing - Security: User Accounts and Parental Controls - Security: Services, Bitlocker, NAP - Networking - Management, Diagnosis, Recovery [hide]